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My Favorite Wines Under $20

My Favorite Wines Under $20


I'm not a sommelier by any means, but I do LOVE wine, and I like trying different kinds. Because of that, I think it's made my palette a bit more aware of the different flavors that each wine offers. I like to think that I have decent taste. Maybe one day I'll become a sommelier? #Goals. Anyways, I typically try to spend between $10-$15 on a bottle of wine because it definitely adds up, but sometimes your girl likes to splurge a bit and spend more like $20-$25 on a bottle. You can find most of these wines at HEB, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's! I also use an app called Vivino when I'm buying wine. It's so easy to use - just take a picture of the label and it will pull up reviews, ratings, and more details about the wine! Read on to find out my top picks for delicious wine under $20.


Miraval Rose


This is one of the pricier bottles on my list, but it's so yummy and perfect for summer. It's probably my favorite wines at the moment. I recently discovered that this wine was launched in 2013 by Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie...but don't let the fact that it's owned by celebs deter you - it's good, really good. I'd describe it as a dry rosé with soft flavors of peaches and raspberries. It's crisp and delicate with slight minerality and light floral notes. Basically...summer in a bottle. Best served ice cold while sitting by the pool. 


Don Rodolfo Tannat


This was my first time trying a Tannat, and I was not disappointed (I picked it up at Wheatsville Co-op). If you can't find this specific one, I'd definitely recommend trying a different Tannat. This particular one is made with 90% Tannat grapes and 10% Bonarda grapes; it honestly reminded me a bit of a Malbec but slightly smoother and more full-bodied. The taste is a bit more fruit-forward with dark berry fruits and some slight tartness, balanced with dry tannins. It's the perfect wine to have after a long day with some good cheese, but it also holds up well against a nice grilled steak or chicken. 


Casal Garcia Vinho Verde


This is the number one most sold Vinho Verde in the world, and for good reason. It's light, refreshing, and slightly effervescent - the perfect thing to drink during the hot summer days. I like to make wine spritzers with it by adding some Topo Chico and citrus on ice. It's also low abv at only 9.5%, so you can sip on it without getting too tipsy. This wine is dry, crisp, floral, and citric - the perfect bottle to bring to any summer party or barbecue!


catena malbec-500x500.jpg

Catena Malbec


A good Malbec never lets me down...spicy, jammy, earthy. This one is fantastic! I picked it up at HEB for a girls night and it was so good! It has notes of black cherry and blackberry, hints of spice, and smooth tannins. If you're wondering what tannins taste like - they're herbaceous and astringent, and are meant to add balance, complexity, and structure to wine. They're also a natural antioxidant, so they have some pretty good health benefits too. ; )


Criterion Chianti Classico


Chianti (also known as Sangiovese) is definitely my favorite wine of all time. Like most Italian wines, it tastes amazing with food, but I like it on it's own as well. Chianti's range in body from light to full and generally have flavors and aromas of cherry and violet. This one in particular is medium-bodied and dry with light acidity, and notes of red fruit, smoke, and black pepper. Yum! Perfect with spaghetti.

These are just a few of my favorite wines at the moment...I could have made this list a lot longer. That just means I'll have to make another wine list soon! What are some of your favorite wines? Comment below and let me know which ones you're loving right now!

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