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Why You Should Switch to All-Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Switch to All-Natural Deodorant

When it comes to personal hygiene, there are a few things that you (hopefully) do on a daily basis...such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, putting on deodorant, etc. Wouldn't you want the products you use on your skin and body to be as healthy and good for you as possible?! Especially since you're using them every day, and sometimes more than once a day. YAZ, ya do.

Natural hygiene products have gotten a bad rap because they're not always as effective as the more mainstream brands, but I'm here to tell you that GOOD products do exist. I found an all-natural deodorant that works wonders on the pits...and I live in Austin, TX where 100+ degree days are a regular occurrence. I thought I had tried every deodorant brand in existence, and was about to give up (for the sake of my social life)....but then I found Schmidt's. I remember seeing it at Urban Outfitters, and being drawn to it for some reason (maybe it was the Lavender + Sage scent)...but I took it home and was SHOOK that it actually worked. Read on to find out why it's time for you to make the switch from chemical-filled conventional deodorant to a clean and non-toxic brand.


Sweat it Out

Our bodies are meant to sweat - to release toxins and regulate temperature. Conventional deodorants are filled with chemicals that clog your pores and trap toxins. Did you know that sweat isn't even what smells!? Sweat is just a mixture of water and salt; the odor is only caused when sweat meets the natural bacteria on our skin. A natural deodorant (like Schmidt's) is all you need to keep the stank away. Unless you're working out or running around in the heat, you're not likely to sweat that much anyways. Bottom line - we're humans, we sweat, it's normal.

Chemicals Are Bad

If you care about your body and your health, then why would you want to expose yourself to nasty chemicals daily through your deodorant? I used to do this, until I found my holy grail of deodorants. There are so many awful ingredients in mainstream deodorant that are linked to a variety of health issues. 

  • Fragrance - While this definitely masks odor, it also includes a combination of chemical ingredients that are not good for you. Synthetic fragrances are linked to cancer, asthma, kidney damage, and other diseases. Avoid fragrance in your deodorant by looking at the ingredient list, and make sure they're scented with essential oils! Essential oils help to purify skin while controlling odor (and they smell so good!).

  • Aluminum - This is one of the most well-known active ingredients in conventional deodorant, and it's also the most dangerous. Aluminum is what blocks your pores and keeps you from sweating, but several studies have also linked this ingredient to Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Parabens - This ingredient is used in a variety of beauty and skincare products, as well as food and drugs. Parabens are essentially used to preserve products and help them last longer...unfortunately they're also linked to breast cancer.

Skin Irritation

If you're constantly getting razor burn on your could be caused by your chemical-filled deodorant. Chemicals are fake and harsh, so it's no wonder why your skin would be affected by an unnatural ingredient that has no place being on your skin. Try switching to a natural deodorant, and you might find that your skin irritations disappear. 

Make the Switch

I've talked about the bad...but now I want to focus on the good. Why not switch to a product that's non-toxic, healthy, and makes you smell like a delicious flower. Like I said above, I tried so many different brands of natural deodorant before landing on Schmidt's, but the trial-and-error was definitely worth it. It all comes down to body chemistry - no two bodies are the same, so what works for some might not work for others. While making the switch, I would suggest exfoliating your armpits once a week to help with detoxification. You should also give it a few weeks for your body to adjust to the new deodorant...although Schmidt's started working for me right away, but everyone is different. 

All About Schmidt's

I'm going to preface this by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post and I'm not getting paid to write about this. Living more naturally and treating my body right is something that I'm passionate about, so when I find a brand that works...I get excited and want to share the goods with others. Schmidt's is an amazing brand - they have high standards + values and they care about sustainability and quality. Aside from deodorant, they also make soap and toothpaste (which are equally as great as their deodorants). Let's get to the fun stuff...I'm thinking if you've read this far then you're probably considering at least trying Schmidt's (or another natural deodorant), so I wanted to give you a breakdown of their incredible range of scents.

  • Lavender + Sage - This was the very first scent I tried, and what originally got me hooked. It's not for everybody though...some people think it smells too strong, but I personally love it.

  • Rose + Vanilla - A little daintier, but I love the combination of floral rose with warm vanilla.

  • Charcoal + Magnesium - This scent is mild and fresh, but it also has the health benefits of activated charcoal and magnesium.

  • Ylang-Ylang + Calendula - Soft, floral, and refreshing.

  • Bergamot + Lime - I love this scent for the morning when I need to wake up a bit. The lime oil adds an invigorating aspect to it, while the bergamot gives it a spicy-floral quality.

  • Cedarwood + Juniper - This scent is warm & woody - ideal for a guy, but is definitely still gender-neutral.

  • Waves - This is their newest scent...which I haven't smelled yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be my new fave. It's beachy & refreshing with notes of tropical fruit!

  • Fragrance Free - Self-explanatory ; )

They also have a line of Sensitive Skin formulas with a whole variety of scents including: Waves, Coconut Pineapple (love this one), Jasmine Tea, Lavender Tips, Geranium Flower, Tea Tree, & Fragrance Free.

Where to Buy Schmidt's

  • Online

  • Target

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Whole Foods

  • Check out this website to locate stores near you.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about Schmidt's or all-natural deodorant in general! If you're interested in trying Schmidt's, use the code Natural15 for 15% off your order on their website!

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